Why Book A Conference Facility At Accommodation Ahi Kaa, Gisborne

If you are looking to host small groups of people ( 1 to 12 ) then we highly recommend you book one or our Boutique conference rooms.

The Boutique Conference Rooms are perfect meeting places for small groups of people ranging from two to ten people. Convenient for interviews, board meetings, seminars or hui, Accommodation Ahi Kaa Boutique Conference Rooms provide a unique and inspiring meeting place. 

There are three conference rooms available. The first room has double doors that open to a balcony that has inspiring views towards the ocean. If you are looking for inspiration to motivate and stimulate the group, I would encourage booking this conference room. This room caters for an intimate group of four to six people.

The second conference room is spacious with double doors opening to a large balcony. Recommended for the task orientated group, this room is engaging and will instigate a connection between the group. The third room is bright and airy, perfect for one on one time.

Morning and afternoon refreshments and lunches are available as well as free, unlimited Wi-Fi internet